MOULURE MAGAZINE is an interdisciplinary project opening up a space for various artists and designers to share their thoughts, their process and their work. This project means to show that art & design is an ongoing process, and that sharing is a key to opening the dialogue between each other and with the public. We want this project to evolve as much as we do and to follow us throughout our current mindsets, meaning that it can morph into any form and shape, crossing the boundaries of mediums, playing with platforms and materials.

who we are

Shawna Christen, Vera Junz and Mardane Gaxotte are three Bachelor's students in fashion design at HGK, Basel. In addition to their contemporary approach to fashion and design, which they practice on a daily basis, the three artists share a burning passion for visual communication and curation. Brought together by their taste for dissonant images and singular ideas, they decided to create Moulure Magazine following the sudden realisation that there were not many collective platform in Switzerland for artists to share their work and gain visibility. Their aim is to open up a space for exchange where the barriers between creative process and finished project, curation and creation, material and immaterial are blurred, all while exploring their creative potential.

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